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  1. Dear Karl,

    Maybe you could share your comments and expertise for my story about Google Glass? Would greatly appreciate it! Please reach out to me.

  2. Hi Karl,
    your blog is great. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! Do you know some manufacturers of curved combiners for AR glasses? I would highly appreciate your help.

    • I get asked this a lot and I don’t have a ready answer. There are many placing in China that make curved combiners. Each one is custom so there is a high setup cost. The cheapest way to start is to buy an existing unit and modify/hack it for your use.

      • Dear Sir,

        Do you see University of Rochester’s metasurface OLED architecture as competition to eMagin’s dpd or an enhancement of it?

    • Several people have asked me about the Rochester Metaform Combiner this week. Below is my “off the cuff” reaction with very little research.

      It is a tough problem to steer light this way without introducing other issues. All we have is CAD drawings and simulations to go on as far as I can find readily. On the surface, it sounds more like theoretical research than something about to happen.

      I want to see some images of high-resolution content and what this structure does to the real world view. Small repeating structures are going to have diffraction issues. What they show in the visualization (and in one of their patent applications: looks like it is going to have major diffraction/distortion issues.

      We have holographic mirrors and diffraction gratings today that work great on paper. They can steer light, as shown in the visualization. North Focals even used a small one (off to the side of the person’s view). But holographic mirror damage still has serious issues with their adverse effects on the virtual and real-world views.

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