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EyeWay Vision Part 3: Analysis

Introduction This article is part 3 on EyeWay Vision’s (EyeWay) foveated laser scanning display and follows up on Part 1 that discussed the technology, and Part 2 that showed through-the-optics images. It will go through my thoughts on why I find EyeWay’s technology so interesting and what I see as the challenges. As I discussed…

News: WaveOptics & Jade Bird Display MicroLED Partnership

Introduction This article is going to be a quick one to get ahead of breaking news. WaveOptics is in the process of announcing a strategic supplier relationship with Jade Bird Display (JBD). As this is about to be announced, this article is a bit rushed and may have more than the usual number of typos.…

Exclusive: EyeWay Vision Part 2: Through the Optics Pictures

Introduction Part 1 of EyeWay Vision: Foveated Laser Scanning Display gave an overview of EyeWay’s technology. As I will discuss more in the next article (Part 3), EyeWay is one of the most technically interesting developments I have seen in Augmented Reality. While they are far from being done, they are working on multiple important…

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