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CES 2023 SadlyIsBradley and KGOnTech Joint Review Video Series (Part 1)

New Video Series on CES 2023 Brad Lynch of the SadlyItsBradley YouTube Channel and I sat down for over 2 hours a week after CES and recorded our discussion of more than 20 companies one or both of us met with at CES 2023. Today, Jan. 26, 2023, Brad released a 23-minute part 1 of…

CES 2023 (4) – VoxelSensors 3D Perception, Fast and Accurate

Attending AR/VR/MR and Photonics West Conference I will attend the AR/VR/MR conference next week (as I write this article). I have already had many people ask if I would be there and like meeting blog readers. I have been reviewing the AR/VR/MR program, and there are many interesting talks. This is the best conference to…

CES 2023 (Part 3) – Addoptics Custom Optics (Better than Luxexcel=Meta?)

Updated Jan 23, 2023 – Corrections: Introduction This series on CES 2023 is starting with foundation technologies for AR/MR rather than products with Meta Materials’ non-polarizing dimming and Porotech’s MicroLED display technologies. Addoptics 3-D printable optics molds are a third in this series of foundation technology. Brad and I briefly discussed Luxexcel (and Meta Materials…

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