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Updated the Website – Apologies for the Errant Notifications

Moved Website to a New Host and Put in A New and Faster and Wider Page Layout After the last series on the Hololens 2, I was finding that the page layout “theme” was too confining and it was difficult to view the pictures. I wanted a bit wider page to make images more readable. I started moving to a new page builder (DIVI) that was much more flexible. In the process, I also updated the PHP version. This caused the website to lock up for almost a whole day. It took about 24 hours with my old host (BlueHost)…

Hololens 2 Display Evaluation (Part 6: Microsoft’s FUD on Photographs)

Introduction (Marketing FUD) Microsoft recently put up an FAQ page with the topic heading. Why am I unable to take an accurate photograph of my HoloLens 2 display?. The purpose of this FAQ seems to be to discourage and discredit talking picture taking of the Hololens 2 (HL2) through the optics rather than to provide useful information. The FAQ includes incorrect and misleading information. I would classify it is “Marketing FUD” used to cast doubt on any pictures that are taken. This blog is read by many key people in the AR industry, including many at Microsoft, and reaches about 20,000…

Hololens Display Evaluation (Part 5: Poor Intensity Control)

Introduction – Following Up on Color Control As I noted in Hololens Display Evaluation (Part 3: Color Uniformity), one the first things when I first tried a Hololens 2 (HL2) was that colors were washed out (see below). The color was much worst than the Hololens 1. So what’s wrong with the HL2’s intensity control? After all, the HL2 is starting with lasers that have highly saturated colors, so why are the colors so washed out? The severe color uniformity problems of the HL2 tends to mask the poor color and intensity control of the laser beam scanning (LBS) engine…

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