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Apple Vision Pro (Part 5C) – More on Monitor Replacement is Ridiculous

Introduction In this series about the Apple Vision Pro, this sub-series on Monitor Replacement and Business/Text applications started with Part 5A, which discussed scaling, text grid fitting, and binocular overlap issues. Part 5B starts by documenting some of Apple’s claims that the AVP would be good for business and text applications. It then discusses the…

Apple Vision Pro (Part 5B) – More on Monitor Replacement is Ridiculous.

Introduction – Now Three Parts 5A-C I want to address feedback in the comments and on LinkedIn from Part 5A about whether Apple claimed the Apple Vision Pro (AVP) was supposed to be a monitor replacement for office/text applications. Another theory/comment from more than one person is that Apple is hiding the good “spatial computing”…

Apple Vision Pro (Part 5A) – Why Monitor Replacement is Ridiculous

Introduction As I wrote in Apple Vision Pro (Part 1) regarding the media coverage of the Apple Vision Pro, “Unfortunately, I saw very little technical analysis and very few with deep knowledge of the issues of virtual and augmented reality. At least they didn’t mention what seemed to me to be obvious issues and questions.”…

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