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DigiLens Visit

Introduction Last week I was in San Jose for a quick trip, and it so happened that as I was about to leave, Digilens invited me to see their latest developments. I found several different aspects interesting, including their brightness, efficiency, modularity, manufacturing, and plans for plastic waveguides later this year. Under New Management DigiLens…

Nreal Teardown: Part 3, Pictures Through the Lens

Introduction Part 1 and part 2 of this Nreal Teardown series discussed what was happening inside the Nreal AR headset. In part 3, we are going to look at the photographs taken through Nreals’ optics. I shot all pictures against a dark background in dim lighting to see the display and optics characteristics. The camera…

Nreal Teardown: Part 2, Detailed Look Inside

Introduction Following up on Part 1 of the Nreal SDK and LG product teardown, in this part I’m going to show a lot of pictures of the internal components. In some cases, I’m literally going to peel the optics apart layer by layer. I’m going to start by showing the various components inside the Nreal.…

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