Speaking at The Display Summit Oct 4-5th

I just wanted to let my readers know I am going to be speaking at The Projection Summit on Oct 5th in Sterling, Virginia (near Washington Dulles Airport) with a 20 minute presentation titled, “AR and VR Display Technologies for Wide FOV and High Angular Resolution.” Later on Oct. 5th I will be participating in a panel discussion on AR/VR.

Info on the overall conference is available at here

The agenda is given here.

I hope to see a some of you there,


Karl Guttag
Karl Guttag
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    • My big takeaway from The Display Summit is the progress being made in Micro-LED (inorganic LEDs). There was a particularly interesting presentation by Yole. Micro-LED could be a serious threat to OLED in a lot of different areas, big and small. There was a lot of information on (true) Light Field displays, I was a big surprise how much work was going on but it is still a very high end and specialized solution, not something for mass production anytime soon.

      I have a big project I am working on right now that is going to take a lot of my time. I will see it I can squeeze out a summary.

  1. How do you see the progress of micro led? would this be ready to be mass product soon? I mean in next two years time. Thanks

    • Micro-LED is a very promising technology but I don’t see it being in mass production within two years, except maybe for watch-size displays. You should not that about 10 very different things are being call “Micro-LED” displays, everything from Movie theater size screens (ex. Sony and Samsung) to miniature microdisplays. The technologies varied widely.

      In the cell phone/VR size display area, PlayNitride has recently claimed “99% yield for 200,000 pixels” but that a would cost about $300 today. This suggests maybe more like a 3 to 5 year window best cast to mass production on a cell phone size display. You might see a “premium” watch display in the next two years.

      I would expect that a LED microdisplay for near eye AR is quite at bit further out (likely more than 5 years but maybe less than 10).

      Do you have an application in mind?

      • Hi KarlG:

        Yes,I am looking for u-LED display to be ready for AR application. It seems still takea long time to be ready for that. Thanks

      • I’m long term optimistic about u-LED but there is nothing ready for production in the long term. A lot of people theorize you will see them in watches (iWatch for example) first to get the volumes up and perfect production. It could be 5 years or more before there are cost effective (except for say military) high volume u-LED microdisplays

    • Yes, I have seen the news. Remember this is an “authorization to sell shares” and sets an upper limit on the amount to be raise, but they could raise less. There are lots of rumors they have someone interested in funding in the $500M range, likely Temasek but it could be someone else. I have heard people question why Magic Leap is going to a new investor rather than raising more from the current investors.

      It is also possible that all the “Easter Eggs” and other marketing noise Magic Leap is making as of late is aimed more at impressing the investor that Magic Leap might be nearing shipping. It could be a marketing effort for an audience of one, rather than a real sign that they are ready to ship.

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