Meeting At CES 2019

Meeting At CES 2019

I’m going to be at CES in Las Vegas again from Tuesday, January 8th through Friday, January 11th. My calendar is already more full than last year, and I am doing double duty representing both my blog and RAVN.  Right now I still have a lot of slots.

If you would like to meet, please email me at

Please include your contact information, the reason you or your company wants to meet, and the best dates, times, and if you have a place where you would like to meet. Last year, I was almost fully booked all four days (with only a little free time on Friday).

Note, I am meeting both for my blog use and for private/confidential business meetings. I want to make clear, if you want to meet privately and don’t want the information on the blog, that is perfectly OK. I will also respect embargoes of information that you want to keep private until a specific date.

Last year I spent a lot of time in the AR/VR area on the 1st floor of South Hall, and I suspect I will be doing the same this year. I generally venture over to the Sands/Venetian area in the afternoon and stay until the end of the exhibition day. This plan allows me to make a one-way trip from the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) and end toward The Strip and save commuting back to the LVCC. I try to book private meetings at hotels other than the Westgate (formerly the Las Vegas Hilton and connected to the convention center), in the morning or evening due to the practicalities of getting around Las Vegas during CES.

The first two days of CES are a madhouse with gridlock. I generally leverage a Monorail pass to go over the traffic and then fill in with Uber/Lift (having a rental car is a liability). For the “right” meeting, I will make exceptions and this can ripple into where or when I prefer to meet. This general plan makes the best use of the finite amount of time as you can easily spend over an hour at “rush hour” getting between places during CES that are only a few miles apart (it can be faster to walk).

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