Photonics West 2019 – I Will Be There Feb 3rd through the 6th

Just a quick note. I’m going to Photonics West next week in San Francisco. I plan on attending the AR/VR sessions on the 3rd and 4th followed by the main show on the 5th and 6th. If you would like to meet, please email me at

Karl Guttag
Karl Guttag
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  1. How are you doing Karl…Waiting for your report on Photonics West and updates on Hololens. ..Hope you are well

    • Thanks, I have not had a chance to see Cy Vision so I can evaluate their claims. On the surface, it looks very similar to what Two Tree Photonics was doing several years ago. I am hoping to see Chis Chinnock this week at SID and if I get a chance I will ask him about it.

      • Thanks, based on what I’ve gathered Two Tree Photonics was acquired by DAQRI, but eventually spun off as Envisics now (with 2TP’s previous CTO leading the team)

      • That is correct. I ran into Jamieson Christmas (CEO of Envisics) at SID. He seemed to think that Cy Vision was doing something similar to Envisics but not as good (of course). Chris Chinnock had interviewed Cy Vision but had not seen the unit. So I don’t have a lot to go on until they come out in open.

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