Mathew Olson’s New AR and VR Newsletter – Virtual Vector

I just want to drop my readers a quick note about Virtual Vector, a new AR and VR newsletter by Mathew Olson. Mathew recently left The Information (paid newsletter), where he headed up their coverage of AR and VR for the last year or so and started a section called “Reality Check.” Mathew and I interacted a few times on various subjects, and I avidly followed his writing at The Information.

The Virtual Vector will have a mix of free and paid content, although the first two articles which are up now are free. The various subscription levels for the Virtual Vector can be found here (discounted for a limited time).

Disclosure: Mathew has given me a free subscription to his newsletter. I am not receiving any other compensation, nor did Mathew ask for this mention. I just thought that my readers would like to check it out.

Karl Guttag
Karl Guttag
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