CES 2023 SadlyIsBradley and KGOnTech Joint Review Video Series (Part 1)

New Video Series on CES 2023

Brad Lynch of the SadlyItsBradley YouTube Channel and I sat down for over 2 hours a week after CES and recorded our discussion of more than 20 companies one or both of us met with at CES 2023. Today, Jan. 26, 2023, Brad released a 23-minute part 1 of the series. Brad is doing all the editing while I did much of the talking.

Brad primarily covers VR, while this blog mostly covers optical AR/MR. Our two subjects meet when we discuss “Mixed Reality,” where the virtual and the real world merge.

Brad’s title for part 1 is “XR at CES: Deep Dives #1 (Magic Leap 2, OpenBCI, Meta Materials).” While Brad describes the series as a “Deep Dive,” but I, as an engineer, consider it to be more of an “overview.” It will take many more days to complete my blog series on CES 2023. This video series will briefly discuss many of the same companies I plan to write about in more detail on this blog, so consider it a look ahead at some future articles.

Brad’s description of Part 1 of the series:

There have been many AR/VR CES videos from my channel and others, and while they gave a good overview of the things that could be seen on the show floor and in private demoes, many don’t have a technical background to go into how each thing may work or not work

Therefore I decided to team up with retired Electrical Engineer and AR skeptic, Karl Guttag, to go over all things XR at CES. This first part will talk about things such as the Magic Leap 2, Open BCI’s Project Galea, Meta Materials and a few bits more!

Brad also has broken the video into chapters by subject:

  • 0:00 Ramblings About CES 2023
  • 6:36 Meta Materials Non-Polarized Dimmers
  • 8:15 Magic Leap 2
  • 14:05 AR vs. VR Use Cases/Difficulties
  • 16:47 Meta’s BCI Arm Band MIGHT Help
  • 17:43 OpenBCI Project Galea

That’s it for today. Brad expects to publish about 2 to 3 videos in the next week. I will try and post a brief note as Brad publishes each video.

Karl Guttag
Karl Guttag
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