Why I started the blog and other things

I’m getting asked a lot why I started the KGonTech blog. The reasons are quite simple:

1. I wanted to talk write about the technology I have being involved with for 34 years. Since I have been most currently involved in pico projectors and it is a hot topic today, I expect to mostly be discussing it. I hope to weave in some history and perspective from by other experiences.

2. I wanted to talk about the issues facing high tech start-ups in the United States today and how it is affecting the jobs market as a whole. But in just one week, I have found that there is so much to discuss on #1 that this would either be a distraction or get buried so I am going to start a “sister blog” that will cover broader “high tech political issues” including those associated with high tech start-ups.

3. I am hanging out my shingle as consultant. The blog is a way I can have fun by writing about #1 above while at the same time letting people know about me and what I know. If I have an “agenda” then this is it. In this role, my credibility is important so I try present factual information when discussing technology in #1.

I’m still a big believer that LCOS is the best technology for making pico projectors. Call that a “bias,” if you will, due to my working in the area, but over time in this forum I hope to lay out why it is the best technology. I’m also a huge believer that direct diode green lasers are essential to pico projectors becoming a high volume market. But as much as I believe in them, they are not ready for “prime time” in 2012 (and most likely 2013) and raising false expectations can hurt more than help the pico projector market.

There still will be small/pico projectors sold in the (few) millions in the coming years using LED illumination which should let the technology keep progressing. But I don’t see the big breakthrough into mainstream embedded pico projectors happening without lasers (and once again I hope to outline why that is so in my blog). While two to three years seems like an eternity to groups/companies wanting to go to seriously high volume production now, in reality, companies will have to run to catch up both in terms of improving their technology and their ability to manufacture devices.

Structure of the Blog

I’m new to blogging so please bear with me as I try and improve the structure of this blog.  I’m much more of a hardware person so there may be the occasion glitch.

Over time I plan to post articles and then post a blog linking to them rather than putting so much into information into a blog post.  This should make it easier to read the information and keep it “evergreen” rather than getting buried.

I’m also looking into starting a forum section.  I think in the long run this will be preferable to just having comments on the blogs/articles.



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