Meet with Karl Guttag at CES 2012

Hopefully you have been enjoying the content of this blog which as been covering pico projector technology.  I promise there is much more to come, but today I want to do a little (consulting) business.

After 7 Years as CTO of a pico projector microdisplay company and having studied all the competing pico projector technologies including LCOS, DLP, and laser beam scanning; and having presented at major display conferences around the world as well as meeting with many of the major companies that are investigating pico projector based products; I like to think I know about as much as anybody about the market, applications, and technology of pico projectors as well as ultra energy efficient laser television (for more on my background see About Karl Guttag).

If your company is going to CES and are in need of such expertise at your company, please drop me an email at      to set up an appointment to meet with me at CES 2012 between Tuesday Jan. 10th through Friday Jan. 13th.  If possible, please suggest days, times and places that would work well for you.   Also, please understand that I am fairly well known and  I will have a number of per-arranged meetings so I may not be able to accommodate everyone.

If you can’t meet with me at CES but think you would like to discuss business opportunities with me, please use the email address above to contact me.

One last thing for those have met with me in the last 7 years.  I have lost 56 pounds in the last 4.5 months and I am training for a marathon in February (ran the Dallas White Rock Half Marathon last week) so I may be a little harder to spot ;-).

Karl Guttag
Karl Guttag
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