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In December and January, I was asked to present (virtually) at AR/VR MeetUps in New York and The Bay Area. Both of these presentations were recorded. Added together, it is almost 2 hours of me presenting on AR. They are nothing fancy or slick in the presentation, but simply me presenting slides on the current technologies for Augmented Reality.

The New York Augmented Reality Meetup on December 14th, 2020 video is on Google Drive (double click to have it play), and my presentation starts at 34:30 and runs about 30 minutes plus some Q&A. This presentation is more of an overview of AR. If you can take 2 hours of watching me present, then watch this one first, followed by the Bay Area presentation.

The Bay Area VR-AR-XR Creators Meetup on January 14th, 2021 is available on YouTube. My presentation runs about 1 hour plus Q&A (the link is queued to the start of my presentation). This presentation digs deeper into the major optical designs used in AR and the various Display Technologies. A key point I make is that not all optical designs work with all display technologies.

While on the subject of recent video presentations, I would like to recommend Bernard Kress’s SPIE one hour overview presentation he gave on January 12th, 2021. Warning, Kress’s presentation is a bit of a promo for his (paid) course at Photonics West. Kress’s presentation is part of a series of “Fire Chats” put on by the SPIE that has recordings available. Each of the chats is presented by a different company working in AR and VR.

I would also like to recommend (again) getting Kress’s SPIE book Optical Architectures for Augmented-, Virtual-, and Mixed-Reality Headsets (get the less expensive PDF version so you can search it electronically). It is an encyclopedia on AR and VR optics and displays. The book is a bargain for the amount of content it has and gives a great overview of the various technologies.

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Karl Guttag
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  1. Hello Karl, great presentation, It is one of the best augmented reality presentations that I have seen. I tell you that I have a smartglasses start-up and this helps me not to make mistakes in the design, I hope in the coming months to give you scopes of my product and you can analyze it.

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