“The Great AR Display Debate” with Jeri Ellsworth on April 11th and Back to the Blog

The Great Debate on Monday April 11th

The New York Augmented Reality Group (NYAR) has guest speakers on various topics, and in December of 2021, they invited both Jeri Ellsworth and myself to give talks. A two-hour YouTube video from the December meeting includes presentations by Jeri Ellsworth of Tilt Five, Magnus Runesson of Resolution Games, Jay Wright of Campfire, and myself (link directly to my presentation).

As a result of the December 2021 presentations, the NYAR decided to invite Jeri Ellsworth and me back (via Video) to debate/discuss various major topics in AR. Anyone can attend the April 11th debate via Video by signing up on Meetup.

Other Events on my Calendar

I will be speaking at Global Metaverse Virtual Conference from April 27th to 29th 2022 (link to sign up).

I plan to attend (as press) AWE 2022 on June 1-3 in Santa Clara, CA.

On July 6th, 2022, I’m also scheduled to present (in person) a 90-minute class on “The Realities of Augmented Reality” at the London Imaging Meeting 2022 Summer School at the Institute of Physics in London (abstract for my class).

Getting Back to Blogging

I apologize for being away from this blog for a couple of months. My younger brother died unexpectantly, and in addition to dealing with some of his affairs and other obligations, I didn’t feel like writing for a while. I plan to get several articles out in the next few weeks following up on the SPIE AR/VR/MR conference.

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Karl Guttag
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    • Thanks for the reference.

      I know roughly what Kura is saying they are trying to do with Gallium. Their plan (they have NEVER shown so much as a working lower resolution prototype) is to use a mirror to scan a very wide but about 1/100th the number of pixels tall array of MicroLEDs. They then plan to use LetinAR-like pin-mirror optics for the combiner which has its own issues.

      It sounds good on paper but there are massive technical problems.

      I’m also reading that Kura is being sued by their former COO(I don’t know but this is being picked up — https://twitter.com/SadlyItsBradley/status/1516428545232412677).

  1. I hope you are feeling better, Karl!

    I just wanted to ask for your expertise and your thoughts on this recent press release from Vuzix in regards to their series of agreements with Atomistic SAS (“Atomistic”), a next generation micro light emitting diode (“μLED”) display solutions enterprise based in France.

    Atomistic’s technology is based on a novel materials science innovation with specific attributes that are key enablers to solve the main challenges for μLED devices for AR applications : emmitters for red, green and blue spectral wavelengths based on a single epitaxial structure transferred to a CMOS backplane; high brightness; and greater efficiency at small pixel pitches.

    What are your thoughts on the potential of this joint venture?

    • I don’t know anything about what they are doing other than MicroLEDs is becoming a crowded space. On the surface, it sounds like what a lot of companies are doing.

      In the same week or so Porotech of Cambridge made a release.

      • Well the founders of Atomistic were also the founders of Compound Photonics, so it’ll be interesting to see what those brilliant minds come up with working along side the brilliant Paul Travers.

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