Attending AWE 2022 and NYAR “Debate” Video


This will be a short post to make sure my readers know about my going to AWE from June 1st to 3rd, 2022 and on some YouTube videos where I participated.

I will be at AWE 2022 all three days

I will be at AWE 2002 in Santa Clara, California Wednesday, June 1st through Friday June 3rd. I plan to be primarily on the Expo floor on the 2nd and 3rd to see what companies have to offer. I should have time for business, blog news, and fan meetings on my calendar. If you want to arrange a meeting, let me know at

If everything works out, I plan to do an AWE 2022 wrap-up discussion soon after getting back on the SadlyItsBradley YouTube channel (with over 100K subscribers) with host Bradley Lynch. We will likely touch on other topics, including things Bradley saw at SID Displayweek 2022.

Bradley and I first crossed paths when we were independently trying to work out what Meta is doing with Cambria which I wrote about in: Exclusive: Imagine Optix Bought By Meta – Half Dome 3’s Varifocal Tech – Meta, Valve, and Apple on Collision Course?

New York Augmented Reality Society “Debate” with Jeri Ellsworth on YouTube

New York Augmented Reality Society released on YouTube a “debate” between Jeri Ellsworth, the CEO of Tilt Five, and myself back on April 11, 2022. Billed as a “1-hour debate,” it turned into a 2-hour discussion of various display technologies used in AR. We discuss MicroLEDs, Micro-OLEDs, LCOS, and Laser Beam Scanning (LBS) during the back and forth.

Jeri and I also presented at the NYAR December 23, 2021 meeting. Below is a link to the start of my presentation (The start of Jeri’s presentation can be found here)

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  1. 20 deadly problems. Why not write down then revisit after 20 years? It must be very extraordinary.

    • Let’s just say that I think they have an “optimism” that comes from the need to raise money. There are also many technical issues with the concept. They also claimed in 2019 they would have a device in 2020.

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