AWE 2022 Review/Discussion Video Part 5

LCOS, DLP, LBS, and Waveguide Vision Correction plus Meta’s Name Change


Part 5 of the KGOnTech and SadlyItsBradley discussion of the various companies I met with at AWE 2022 is now available on the KGOnTech YouTube Channel.

As I wrote last time, Bradley of SadlyItsBradly and I recorded almost 7 hours of video about AWE 2022. To make it more manageable, the recordings have been broken down into 7 parts. The first three parts were release on SadlyItsBradley and KGOnTech is releasing parts 4 through 7. I expect to have the remaining two parts on MicroLEDs and Magic Leap 2 up in the next few days.

The editing is still a bit rough with jump cuts, but I wanted to get as much content as I could up quickly.

Table of Contents for Part 5 of the Video

Below is the table of content for the video with time links to the start of the specific chapters:

  • 00:00 Introduction – LCOS and DLP with Waveguides
  • 00:36 Rokid – WaveOptic DLP (Picked up from the last video)
  • 01:15 RaonTech (Korean LCOS, MicroOLED, and MicroLED)
  • 02:17 MicroLED vs. LCOS Design Issues
  • 03:52 MicroLED vs. MicroOLED Design Issues (and giant companies buying up MicroLED companies)
  • 06:49 Innovative LCOS Optics (Digilens, Avegant, Lumus, Magic Leap)
  • 14:40 Avegant (Small LCOS Engine)
  • 16:14 Digilens (Waveguides – glass and plastic — with DLP and LCOS)
  • 18:44 Waveguide Fron Projection (Glowing Eyes) Issue
  • 21:55 VitreaLab (splitting laserbeam(s) to an array of laser beams for illumination)
  • 24:02 Laser Beam Scanning (LBS) Intro and Basics
  • 26:40 LaSAR Alliance (Laser Scanning for Augmented Reality)
  • 29:49 Oqmented / ST Micro / Dispelix (companies in the LaSAR)
  • 32:44 Microsoft Hololens and Microvision Laser Beam Scanning Discussion (related blog entry…)
  • 34:15 Luminit and TruLife (Holographic Mirrors with Optical Power)
  • 40:20 Luxexcel and Meta Materials (vision correction for waveguides)
  • 44:42 Bonus: Discussion of Facebook’s renaming to Meta

First 3 Videos on SadlyItsBradley

The first three videos can be found on SadlyItsBradley YouTube site with links below:

  1. Meet the Legendary Inventor of SPRITES and AR Displays! – Mostly about me and my history in early video games to AR technology.
  2. Augmenting your World is hARd – Background on why AR is so difficult to implement. This video includes my (current list) of major 22 challenges to there ever being a successful consumer AR system.
  3. Passthrough AR vs Optical AR – The pros and cons of passthrough (camera) vs. Optical (see through optics) AR. I also discuss Lynx AR and Pancake optics.

Parts 4 on KGOnTech’s YouTube Channel

Below is the table of contents of the Part 4 video on KGOnTech and covers the headset companies (less Magic Leap) I visited at AWE 2022.

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:50 Tilt-5 (briefly – see my article on Tilt-5 from AWE 2021 and SadlyItsBradleys videos on Tilt-5 for more)
  • 01:22 Red 6 (100+ degree see-through helmet with a curved display device)
  • 02:34 ColorLink (and Quarter Waveplates)
  • 04:39 Dispelix and Avegant (Waveguides and LCOS engine)
  • 08:40 Varjo / Zappar (Passthrough AR)
  • 12:59 RealWear CORRECTION: I mistakenly said RealWear was a Chinese-based company. Realwear is based out of Vancouver Washington
  • 15:46 Kopin (LCOS and OLED microdisplays)
  • 17:53 Pancake Optics / Kopin
  • 18:43 Tooz / Freeform Optics
  • 22:53 Goertek / Qualcomm (Qualcomm’s reference design)
  • 28:32 Microoled (OLED microdisplay maker from France)
  • 31:26 Large Combiner / Campfire / Mira / iGlass
  • 46:05 Birdbath / NuEyes, Lenovo / nReal
  • 52:36 Ant Reality (120-degree FOV see-through glasses with dual OLED displays per eye)
  • 57:45 Rokid

Parts 6 through 7 on AWE 2022 to be released soon

I have the rough cuts completed on 3 more videos which will each be about 1 hour covering the following subjects. I expect these to be release over the next week.

  • Part 6 – MicroLEDs for Augmented Reality
  • Part 7 – Magic Leap 2 (and Hololens 2)

Video or Written Blog? – Looking for Feedback

The slide presentation video format let me cover content that would have taken many blog articles and many months to write versus a couple of weeks to generate the content, record, and edit. It seems like the best way to cover so much content on so many different companies and technologies. I would appreciate your feedback on your interest in more blog articles versus videos.

I would also like to find a good format for questions and answers (perhaps a live session on YouTube). I’m thinking it would be best to have at least some of the questions in advanced so I can have pictures and diagrams ready.

Please leave your comments below or on the YouTube video.

Karl Guttag
Karl Guttag
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  1. Hello Karl,

    While I do appreciate your videos, generally I prefer the written articles focused on a particular topic.

    Just my two cents.

    Thank you for your work, it’s great.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I’m curious about what “today’s audience” likes best. I also appreciate that the written format is better for many subjects.

  2. I personally prefer the video content. Was able to watch all 7 hours continuously, and it’s great hearing you ramble off about things you know a lot about (although Bradley would cut you off sometimes to shorten the video). Would like to see more of it

    • Thanks,

      I’m hoping to do more videos in the future. I did several other videos in the last two years (see list below) and I will likely be on the AR Show Podcast again in the 1st quarter of next year.

      Other Videos:

      April 11th 2022 New York Augmented Reality, The Great Display Debate with Jeri Ellsworth and Karl Guttag

      A two-hour YouTube video from the December 2021 meeting includes presentations by Jeri Ellsworth of Tilt Five, Magnus Runesson of Resolution Games, Jay Wright of Campfire, and myself (link directly to my presentation:

      The New York Augmented Reality Meetup on December 14th, 2020 video is on Google Drive (–OBKZGnlPa1Uki7out4VFS — double click to have it play), and my presentation starts at 34:30 and runs about 30 minutes plus some Q&A. This presentation is more of an overview of AR. If you can take 2 hours of watching me present, then watch this one first, followed by the Bay Area presentation.

      The Bay Area VR-AR-XR Creators Meetup on January 14th, 2021 is available on YouTube . My presentation runs about 1 hour plus Q&A (the link is queued to the start of my presentation). This presentation digs deeper into the major optical designs used in AR and the various Display Technologies. A key point I make is that not all optical designs work with all display technologies.

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