AWE 2022 Review/Discussion Video Part 5

LCOS, DLP, LBS, and Waveguide Vision Correction plus Meta’s Name Change


Part 5 of the KGOnTech and SadlyItsBradley discussion of the various companies I met with at AWE 2022 is now available on the KGOnTech YouTube Channel.

As I wrote last time, Bradley of SadlyItsBradly and I recorded almost 7 hours of video about AWE 2022. To make it more manageable, the recordings have been broken down into 7 parts. The first three parts were release on SadlyItsBradley and KGOnTech is releasing parts 4 through 7. I expect to have the remaining two parts on MicroLEDs and Magic Leap 2 up in the next few days.

The editing is still a bit rough with jump cuts, but I wanted to get as much content as I could up quickly.

Table of Contents for Part 5 of the Video

Below is the table of content for the video with time links to the start of the specific chapters:

  • 00:00 Introduction – LCOS and DLP with Waveguides
  • 00:36 Rokid – WaveOptic DLP (Picked up from the last video)
  • 01:15 RaonTech (Korean LCOS, MicroOLED, and MicroLED)
  • 02:17 MicroLED vs. LCOS Design Issues
  • 03:52 MicroLED vs. MicroOLED Design Issues (and giant companies buying up MicroLED companies)
  • 06:49 Innovative LCOS Optics (Digilens, Avegant, Lumus, Magic Leap)
  • 14:40 Avegant (Small LCOS Engine)
  • 16:14 Digilens (Waveguides – glass and plastic — with DLP and LCOS)
  • 18:44 Waveguide Fron Projection (Glowing Eyes) Issue
  • 21:55 VitreaLab (splitting laserbeam(s) to an array of laser beams for illumination)
  • 24:02 Laser Beam Scanning (LBS) Intro and Basics
  • 26:40 LaSAR Alliance (Laser Scanning for Augmented Reality)
  • 29:49 Oqmented / ST Micro / Dispelix (companies in the LaSAR)
  • 32:44 Microsoft Hololens and Microvision Laser Beam Scanning Discussion (related blog entry…)
  • 34:15 Luminit and TruLife (Holographic Mirrors with Optical Power)
  • 40:20 Luxexcel and Meta Materials (vision correction for waveguides)
  • 44:42 Bonus: Discussion of Facebook’s renaming to Meta

First 3 Videos on SadlyItsBradley

The first three videos can be found on SadlyItsBradley YouTube site with links below:

  1. Meet the Legendary Inventor of SPRITES and AR Displays! – Mostly about me and my history in early video games to AR technology.
  2. Augmenting your World is hARd – Background on why AR is so difficult to implement. This video includes my (current list) of major 22 challenges to there ever being a successful consumer AR system.
  3. Passthrough AR vs Optical AR – The pros and cons of passthrough (camera) vs. Optical (see through optics) AR. I also discuss Lynx AR and Pancake optics.

Parts 4 on KGOnTech’s YouTube Channel

Below is the table of contents of the Part 4 video on KGOnTech and covers the headset companies (less Magic Leap) I visited at AWE 2022.

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:50 Tilt-5 (briefly – see my article on Tilt-5 from AWE 2021 and SadlyItsBradleys videos on Tilt-5 for more)
  • 01:22 Red 6 (100+ degree see-through helmet with a curved display device)
  • 02:34 ColorLink (and Quarter Waveplates)
  • 04:39 Dispelix and Avegant (Waveguides and LCOS engine)
  • 08:40 Varjo / Zappar (Passthrough AR)
  • 12:59 RealWear CORRECTION: I mistakenly said RealWear was a Chinese-based company. Realwear is based out of Vancouver Washington
  • 15:46 Kopin (LCOS and OLED microdisplays)
  • 17:53 Pancake Optics / Kopin
  • 18:43 Tooz / Freeform Optics
  • 22:53 Goertek / Qualcomm (Qualcomm’s reference design)
  • 28:32 Microoled (OLED microdisplay maker from France)
  • 31:26 Large Combiner / Campfire / Mira / iGlass
  • 46:05 Birdbath / NuEyes, Lenovo / nReal
  • 52:36 Ant Reality (120-degree FOV see-through glasses with dual OLED displays per eye)
  • 57:45 Rokid

Parts 6 through 7 on AWE 2022 to be released soon

I have the rough cuts completed on 3 more videos which will each be about 1 hour covering the following subjects. I expect these to be release over the next week.

  • Part 6 – MicroLEDs for Augmented Reality
  • Part 7 – Magic Leap 2 (and Hololens 2)

Video or Written Blog? – Looking for Feedback

The slide presentation video format let me cover content that would have taken many blog articles and many months to write versus a couple of weeks to generate the content, record, and edit. It seems like the best way to cover so much content on so many different companies and technologies. I would appreciate your feedback on your interest in more blog articles versus videos.

I would also like to find a good format for questions and answers (perhaps a live session on YouTube). I’m thinking it would be best to have at least some of the questions in advanced so I can have pictures and diagrams ready.

Please leave your comments below or on the YouTube video.

Karl Guttag
Karl Guttag
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  1. Hello Karl,

    While I do appreciate your videos, generally I prefer the written articles focused on a particular topic.

    Just my two cents.

    Thank you for your work, it’s great.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I’m curious about what “today’s audience” likes best. I also appreciate that the written format is better for many subjects.

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