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I had a 3 week trip to Israel and the UK planned for soon after AWE in June 2022. I figured with the trip, I would not be able to get a series of article out. I knew Bradley Lynch of SadlyItsBradley was not going to AWE and so I asked if we could do a joint YouTube video together on his channel. A couple of weeks after the AWE we sat down in our respective “studios” and about 7 hours (unedited) of presentation and discussion over two days.

Bradley quickly edited and uploaded three 20-to-30 minute videos about the time I left the country and I figure the others would follow. Unfortunately, a combination of the shear amount of video content and Bradley’s need focus on his own YouTube channel on VR, resulted most of the video never being edited and published. Once Bradley realized that he would not have time to edit the videos, he agreed to give me the raw recordings so I publish them on my a new KGOnTech YouTube Channel.

First 3 Videos on SadlyItsBradley

The first three videos

  1. Meet the Legendary Inventor of SPRITES and AR Displays! – Mostly about me and my history in early video games to AR technology.
  2. Augmenting your World is hARd – Background on why AR is so difficult to implement. This video includes my (current list) of major 22 challenges to there ever being a successful consumer AR system.
  3. Passthrough AR vs Optical AR – The pros and cons of passthrough (camera) vs. Optical (see through optics) AR. I also discuss Lynx AR and Pancake optics.

Parts 4 on KGOnTech’s YouTube Channel

Part 4 Video on YouTube

Below is the table of contents of the Part 4 video on KGOnTech and covers the headset companies (less Magic Leap) I visited at AWE 2022.

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:50 Tilt-5 (briefly – see my article on Tilt-5 from AWE 2021 and SadlyItsBradleys videos on Tilt-5 for more)
  • 01:22 Red 6 (100+ degree see-through helmet with a curved display device)
  • 02:34 ColorLink (and Quarter Waveplates)
  • 04:39 Dispelix and Avegant (Waveguides and LCOS engine)
  • 08:40 Varjo / Zappar (Passthrough AR)
  • 12:59 RealWear CORRECTION: I mistakenly said RealWear was a Chinese-based company. Realwear is based out of Vancouver Washington
  • 15:46 Kopin (LCOS and OLED microdisplays)
  • 17:53 Pancake Optics / Kopin
  • 18:43 Tooz / Freeform Optics
  • 22:53 Goertek / Qualcomm (Qualcomm’s reference design)
  • 28:32 Microoled (OLED microdisplay maker from France)
  • 31:26 Large Combiner / Campfire / Mira / iGlass
  • 46:05 Birdbath / NuEyes, Lenovo / nReal
  • 52:36 Ant Reality (120-degree FOV see-through glasses with dual OLED displays per eye)
  • 57:45 Rokid

Parts 5 through 7 on AWE 2022 to be released

I have the rough cuts completed on 3 more videos which will each be about 1 hour covering the following subjects. I expect these to be release over the next week.

  • Part 5 – LCOS for Waveguides, Laser Beam Scanning (LBS), and Vision Correction
  • Part 6 – MicroLEDs for Augmented Reality
  • Part 7 – Magic Leap 2 (and Hololens 2)

Video or Written Blog? – Looking for Feedback

The slide presentation video format let me cover content that would have taken many blog articles and many months to write versus a couple of weeks to generate the content, record, and edit. It seems like the best way to cover so much content on so many different companies and technologies. I would appreciate your feedback on your interest in more blog articles versus videos.

I would also like to find a good format for questions and answers (perhaps a live session on YouTube). I’m thinking it would be best to have at least some of the questions in advanced so I can have pictures and diagrams ready.

Please leave your comments below or on the YouTube video.

Karl Guttag
Karl Guttag
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  1. Loved the video/slide presentation. Yes, it takes longer to watch a video, than to scan over a written blog. Perhaps you can judge what may fit their perspective methods best. If it is info that works well as written material, and is easy and quick to create, then do it that way.

  2. I enjoyed the video format and I hope you continue to invest YouTube channel. It seems you are doing just that. I also loved that you teamed up with Bradley. You both are some of my favorite bloggers/content creators in the space.

    In the end, both mediums work. I like it best when you have a blog post with time stamping topics and do an overview. I’ll commonly watch the video in one sitting and then come back to the blog to find a certain topic that I wanted a second / third view of.

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