Apple Bought Limbak (SadlyItsBradley)

Just a short update to my December 29th article Limbak Bought by “Large US Company,” Brad of SadlyItsBradley reported on Twitter (link to whole thread) that his sources day that Apple is the “large company” that bought Limbak.

Normally, I would just update the old article, but because it was Apple, I thought a new post was warranted.

Karl Guttag
Karl Guttag
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    • First, everything is either a rumor or a deniable leak. But what they call “AR” in that article is not optical see-through AR but “AR Passthrough,” a VR headset showing a camera view. The camera view lacks dynamic range and distance/focus compared to seeing the real world.

      The rumor of the indefinite delay is for the optical AR see-through headset.

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