Meta Quest Pro (Part 2) – Block Diagrams & Teardown of Headset and Controller


Limas Lin (LinkedIn Contact) is a reader of my blog and wanted to share his block diagram and teardown of the Meta Quest Pro. He sent me these diagrams over a month ago, but I have been busy with videos and blog articles about the companies I met with at CES and AR/VR/MR 2023.

I have more to write about both the Meta Quest Pro plus the recent company meetings, but I wanted to get out what I think are excellent diagrams on the Meta Quest Pro. The diagrams show the location and the teardown photos with most if not all the key components identified.

I don’t have anything more to say about these diagrams or a conclusion as I think images speak for themselves. I know it is a major effort to find all the components and present them in a such a clear and concise manner and want to than Limas Lim for sharing. You can click on each diagram for a higher resolution image.

Meta Quest Pro Headset Diagrams

Meta Quest Pro Controller Diagrams

Karl Guttag
Karl Guttag
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  1. I heard that these two SLAM cameras on the headset are also used for hand tracking, but here it’s head tracking?

  2. Yes. It does support the hand tracking function.
    But when I tested Meta Quest Pro’s “Hands” this morning. I observed a very interesting result.
    1. When I started early this morning, both the two front-facing Depth & Hand tracking cameras (OG01A01B by Sunny Optics) and the SLAM/Head tracking camera (OV7251 by Sunny Optics) worked for hand tracking and can generate click sound while using hand finger gestures.
    2. After 10-15 minutes of playing, I took a rest and restarted the Meta Quest Pro, and it automatically updated the F/W to
    3. After the F/W updated, I could not hear the finger “click” sound from SLAM/Head tracking cameras (OV7251) anymore! And the “Hands” App will only work from the two front-facing Depth & Hand tracking cameras (OG01A01B by Sunny Optics).

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