AR Show Interview of Karl Guttag (Part 2) – Mapping AR Displays to Suitable Optics

Just a Quick Note on Part 2 of the Interview

The AR Show with host Jason McDowall has published part 2 of a 3 part interview with me on AR. The podcast can be listed to on The AR Show Website or wherever you listen to podcasts. You should note that this show was recorded on January 28th, 2021 so any news in the last two months would not be covered. Quoting from the show’s description:

In this second part of my conversation with Karl, we talk about matching display technologies to the right combiner optics technologies. Karl talks about which of those technologies he thinks have the best chance of being successful. He also discusses the importance of matching what the devices can do well to the user and the use case, and we get into some of those use cases across consumer, enterprise, and military.

On this last one, Karl goes deeper into the hard tradeoffs in delivering something of essential value to the military and other first responders in the field.

More on the AR show interview part 1 and the overall interview can be found in my last article.

In part 3, due to be published next week, will discuss what I think Apple is or is not doing.

I’m on the run this week attending (virtually) the AR/VR/MR conference. The last conference I attended in 2020 before Covid shut everything down and it has become my favorite conference on AR and VR. Frankly, the conference is missing quite a bit without the personal interaction and the ability to see demos with my own eyes. However, still, there is a lot of useful information.

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